Tuesday, 12 May 2009

So, what happens next to Manchester United striker Tevez?

Just remind us, who owns Carlos Tevez?

A group of investors, with Kia Joorabchian as their trusted front man.

He spots the talents, mainly in South America, advises on value, makes the deals and negotiates the sell-ons to clubs. He’s the ringmaster and has a very close relationship with Tevez and his family.

How much is the player worth?

The asking price is anything upwards of £25million. There is a credit crunch, you know.

Who gets the money?

Joorabchian and his investors share the profit. They originally signed Tevez from Argentinian side Boca Juniors, for around £12m. Since then, he has won a host of South American trophies (three times South American Footballer of the Year), an Olympic gold, a Champions League and a Premier League title, among other trophies. He is on course to become the most decorated Argentinian footballer of all time.

Worth it then?

Not if you’re Manchester United, it seems. But there are lots of others ready to break the bank. The bidding starts soon.

Such as?

Liverpool and Manchester City lead the way. Everton and Spurs can dream and Joorabchian flew from the Manchester derby to Milan versus Juventus at the weekend.

Milan like the look of Tevez the terrier, but he wants to stay in England. With the right club.

How about another loan?

It’s not allowed. The Premier League have changed their rules and third-party ownership is outlawed. So that rules out United negotiating a fresh short-term deal. Or anyone else.

What about his wages?

The going rate. Around £100,000 a week should do the trick and a four-year deal is the most likely outcome. For that, you get a ready-made all-action hero.

When does all this happen?

His deal with United runs out in June. He has been free to negotiate with other clubs since January, but has said he wanted to concentrate on reaching the end of the season. Now, let battle commence.

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