Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A new beginning

This is just a start of things to come...instead of sending mass emails and clogging company networks we can use a blog to post comments without any restrictions.

Comments welcome as always.

Craig - The Real Footie Analyst


Anonymous said...

I like this idea - Anon

brent footie king said...

Craigy, how you been man? What a bitter season we had but hey, so did the gooners and chelski.

Craig - The Real Footie Analyst said...

Hey Brentie!

I've been great my friend. How is Kim doing? Please tell her I say hello.

Yes we played average after topping the table. We need a few players...another striker, maybe Barry from Villa, and then 2 wingbacks. That should so it.

Chat soon,
The Real Footie Analyst

PS: Thanks for visiting my blob I'll be sure to post another article soon and send it to you.

brent footie king said...

Yes i will buddy, thanx....tell collen i say hi.

Are you working yet? Kim and i were playing around with the thought of coming to live there next year maybe. But my age is kinda against me as im 30 this year. But she is only 27 so we seriously looking at it tho.

I mailed the blog to charlie earlier so he'll also be posting messages soon.

Enjoy the evening buddy